More Than Freights Provides Innovative Solutions and Business System to Furniture Delivery

PORTLAND, OR / ACCESSWIRE / February 27, 2020 / When Andres Rojas and Erick Bustos started working for a small furniture delivery company, they quickly realized that the market was full of dissatisfied customers. It was not unusual for people to lose their entire day waiting at home, not knowing when their furniture was scheduled to arrive. This experience encouraged the two to start their own company and innovate furniture delivery. Through More Than Freights, Andres and Erick created a whole new customer experience. More Than Freights focuses on delivering furniture on time by implementing a real-time tracking system and estimated time of arrival (ETA) updates with the use of an app. Customers enjoy the ability to conveniently plan their days better now that they know exactly when their delivery will arrive. The company also focuses on putting together a team of highly qualified professionals with all the necessary tools to guarantee the best possible service.

More Than Freights founders Andres and Erick understand the struggle with the uncertainty that comes with moving or transferring. The two successful entrepreneurs arrived in the United States from Venezuela five years ago, having run away from the difficult situation in their home country. They arrived in America without any money, contacts, and without even knowing the language. However, nothing was going to stop them from achieving their dreams. Even as engineering graduates in Venezuela, they started over by washing dishes and working in fast-food restaurants.

After they came up with the idea of starting their own furniture delivery company, they saved up every last penny for more than a year to buy their first truck. Guided by their vision, they were determined to be much more than just another pair of Latino guys with a truck offering delivery services. Andres and Erick wanted to take their business to another level by creating a scalable company, hiring qualified employees, and establishing systems and quality controls. Their story is a powerful demonstration that it does not matter where one comes from or how low they start – it’s always possible to get ahead.

Through the years, More Than Freights has created a friendly and proactive team fully equipped to perform any kind of furniture delivery and assembly. The company’s top priority is protecting their clients’ time and property. With the previously mentioned ETA notification system, the company constantly sends updates to customers at least 20 minutes in advance. In addition, customers can also track the delivery driver so they don’t have to wait at home all day long. To protect the clients’ property, the team uses the proper equipment and blankets to cover the floors, doors, and banisters.

What’s more, the company also provides donations and removal services of old furniture if the customer wants to get rid of their old belongings. This way, clients don’t have to worry about anything when they want to purchase new furniture. More Than Freights is in partnership with more than ten furniture stores throughout the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas. The company also works with designers, realtors, upholstery shops, and other businesses that need to move furniture constantly. Enjoy the benefits of More Than Freights’ innovative furniture delivery services and strategic partnerships by visiting their website, sending an email to, or calling them right away through this number: (971) 716-7437.

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