Jason Brailow to Partner with Robert Downey Jr’s Footprint Coalition on AI Start-Up

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 14, 2019 / Hollywood superstar Robert Downey Jr. is working on a project worthy of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man – the character that made him a household name around the globe. Opening Amazon’s Re:MARS conference earlier this month, the actor also announced the forthcoming launch of a new foundation that will seek to tackle global pollution with the help of nanotechnology and robotics. One of his partners in this bold venture will be serial entrepreneur Jason Brailow, who has established a start-up focused on researching ways in which nanotechnology can contribute to environmental clean-up.

Details about Robert Downey Jr.’s Footprint Coalition remain scant, but according to Variety, the foundation is expected to launch officially by April 2020. In an interview for the publication, the actor and philanthropist said, “Between robotics and nanotechnology, we could clean up the planet significantly, if not totally, in 10 years.” In his speech at Re:MARS, he remarked that artificial intelligence (AI) was a technological advancement filling him with hope as he experiences a “quiet sense of crisis.” At the same time, he admitted that his own lifestyle left much to be desired in terms of environmentally friendly practices, describing himself as “a one-man carbon footprint nightmare colossus.” Aside from preparing for the launch of his foundation, Robert Downey Jr. is involved in the production of a YouTube documentary series of eight episodes revolving around AI and its impact on life and work. Team Downey, the media company founded by the actor and his wife, is the driving force behind this project. “Robert and I share a curiosity for AI, a complicated and often polarizing subject. Our aim is to explore AI through a lens of objectivity and accessibility, in a thoroughly bold, splashy and entertaining way,” commented Susan Downey in relation to the series, which is expected to debut on YouTube Red later in 2019.

Meanwhile, Jason Brailow’s start-up is exploring how nanotechnology can assist in environmental protection and the fight against climate change, with scenarios including the creation of more efficient solar panels, the reduction of pollution in manufacturing processes, the clean-up of oil spills, and the development of lighter materials. As regards potential environment-related applications, among the most exciting ones is the use of nanomaterials that can capture CO2 and channel it for industrial purposes. “Nanomaterials can convert carbon dioxide into useful products like alcohol. The materials could be simple chemical catalysts or photochemical in nature that work in the presence of sunlight,” as explained by Arun Chattopadhyay of the Center for Nanotechnology at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. At present, the key challenge before researchers is making nanotechnology strategies economically viable and addressing the question of potential health risks due to the minuscule size of nanoparticles.

Jason Brailow is a forward thinking serial entrepreneur, founder, and investor who has a pedigree of identifying unrealized potential, building operational value, and monetization. With a knack for building businesses, he has founded a handful of TECH start-ups over the last several years resulting in a series of accomplishments: Inc 500 – Product of the Year – Rising Star Award – Entrepreneur of the Year

Jason Brailow is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in Online Advertising. He has always had an entrepreneurial spirit but garnered his savvy business sense while starting, acquiring, and selling several ventures. His forward thinking and technological mindset has enabled him to build companies that create products used by consumers daily, around the globe.

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