Introducing Aftersocks, Every Girl’s Must Have Accessory

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 15, 2019 / Joel Bijlmer and Monika Trojanowska are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their innovative new Aftersocks: durable yet comfortable lady socks that allow women to remove their high heels after a night out and walk home without being in pain.

Aftersocks are Ladysocks that Allow Women to Safely Remove their Uncomfortable Shoes While Out in Public

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Joel and Monika are an entrepreneurial couple who were visiting America and enjoying a trip to Miami, Florida. The idea for Aftersocks began after they spent a fun night out on the town. After they had left a club in Miami, her feet were hurting and she wanted to remove her high heels.

While Bijlmer would normally offer his lady a piggyback ride to a taxi in this type of situation, he had recently twisted his back in the gym and was unable to assist.

“On the streets of Miami you never know what’s on the ground, so I didn’t want Monika to take off her high heels and walk barefoot,” he said, adding that she also didn’t have any backup shoes with her, because she was carrying a very small purse.

This experience inspired the couple to create Aftersocks, tough, durable and comfortable socks with an extra protective layer for women that are super easy to tuck inside a purse or pocket.

“This is a product that every girl needs in her life. There’s no better solution yet,” Bijlmer said. It is fair to say that any woman who has ever worn high heels to a nightclub would agree.

Aftersocks are made from high quality nylon and cotton, which will make them both durable and comfortable on sore feet. “In addition, Aftersocks will feature a special aftersole that makes the bottom of the sock stronger and offers extra protection in case the wearer happens to step on loose stones.” Bijlmer said.

In addition, he noted, Aftersocks include extra soft cushioning on the inside of the socks for the softest “skin to sock” experience possible. Aftersocks will be available in three different designs that will easily compliment any outfit.

About Aftersocks:

Aftersocks are lady socks that easily fit into most purses or back pockets. The socks are made from high quality nylon and cotton and feature a special and durable aftersole that makes the bottom of the socks especially tough. Thanks to Aftersocks, women can safely switch out of their uncomfortable shoes and still walk around more protected. For more information, please visit


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