Drivers Can Easily Save Car Insurance Money on This 4th of July Holiday Season

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 3, 2019 / has launched a new blog post that presents several tips that will help drivers save car insurance money on this 4thof July Holiday season.

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The Holiday of Independence Day is one of the busiest periods in the whole year. People all across the county are gathering together with their families and friends in order to celebrate this 4th of July. Everyone is waiting for the night in order to witness the moments when the skies are filled with colorful fireworks that burst through the dark night. However, while everyone is celebrating, there are some that are thinking of ways to save money on car insurance.

Drivers who want to pay cheaper car insurance during this holiday season should follow the next tips:

  • Look for driver discounts. Car insurance companies are famous for offering various types of discounts to their customers. Drivers with clean driving history can access these types of discount. Also, students with good grades are also helped by their insurers to pay less on their premiums.
  • Pay for the whole policy in advance. Drivers can easily save a large amount of money at the beginning of their policies. All they have to do is to pay for the whole policy in advance.
  • Raise the deductibles. Drivers that need to file a claim, are required to pay a certain amount in advance. This amount is called a deductible. Drivers that agree to pay more money out of their pockets before the insurance begins, will pay less on their car insurance premiums.
  • Shop for the right car. Although many drivers feel attracted by sports cars, exotic cars, muscle cars, or limousines, buying such a vehicle is expensive and the insurance policy is not cheap also. Drivers that want to save money on car insurance should check the offers for family vans, or mid-size SUV’s. Although they are not attractive as a muscle car, these types of vehicles have high safety ratings and they are cheap to insure.
  • Bundle different policies. Bundling different policies is a smart method of saving car insurance money that is available to anyone. Drivers can go their insurers and bundle their homeowner’s insurance together with the car insurance.
  • Drop full coverage on older vehicles. It is known that regular vehicles lose value over time. Policyholders that own an older vehicle, might be overpaying for their insurance if they still have full coverage. To determine if they are overpaying for insurance, drivers should obtain their vehicle market value from a site or an auto dealer, and then compare it with the costs of full coverage for 10 months. If the market value of the vehicle is lower, the policyholder should drop full coverage.

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“4th of July is a time where friends and families gather together in order to celebrate the birth of our nation. However, this Holiday season is also good for seeking better car insurance. Many insurers are offering discounts during this period”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.


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