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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 3, 2019 / Cable companies have full access to our internet history and now they have the right to sell it. Net Neutrality and data privacy laws were repealed in the United States after Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and other Internet Service Providers spent over $100 million on lobbying efforts. After the ISPs’ victory, cable companies can legally record its customers’ entire internet history, television preferences, and gaming activity. They can combine it all into a profile about each customer, which is of high interest to advertisers. ISPs can literally track anything connected to the modem and are required to give this data back to the government. They can even slow down the internet speed for certain sites at their discretion. Experts at Datacamo are proud to introduce the first of its kind infrastructure that provides seamless internet service without disclosing any of your browsing history or connected devices’ information to the Internet Service Providers.

In an effort to give control back to internet users, Southern California is getting VPN routers that prevent these telecommunication giants from selling personal information. VPN or Virtual Private Networks gained traction in 2016 to prevent identity theft as they encrypt user data. Now, Datacamo‘s state of the art hardware VPN, encrypts and secures 100% of users network data including smart devices. In combination with its own servers, bandwidth and peering relationships, Datacamo manages to achieve output and preferred routing that no cloud VPN service can compete with in terms of service quality and streaming speeds.

According to National Public Radio‘s Lauren Silverman, “Comcast, AT&T and other providers are now allowed to track and sell your personal data too -with much less fear of regulatory action. One solution is a VPN, which is like a dark, secret tunnel you use to go from your computer to a website. While you’re inside the tunnel – clicking on Instagram photos or checking your bank account – third parties can’t see what you’re doing. The data is encrypted.”

“We invented Datacamo because Internet users are at the mercy of their Internet Service Providers. Only a fraction of internet users have an option to connect to the internet without their data being collected, analyzed, and sold. The government hasn’t restored net neutrality and privacy practices, so we will” Kevin Krieser, CEO of Datacamo said.

Datacamo makes a private, fast Internet possible by encrypting all the data before it hits the Internet Service Providers’ network. No matter what the setup, the router integrates seamlessly and can be hardwired to existing Wi-Fi systems or use the built-in Wi-Fi. Either way users’ data will be protected.

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